July 2017  
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Sunday mornings at 10:50am. You can also watch sermons from past sundays by clicking on the "Live Services Line"
Excellent site to study Gods Word.
We have just completed our 6th season as Singing Women of Central Texas (SWOCT) and are looking forward to our next season and the opportunities for ministry that God will provide! We are now accepting membership for the 2013-14 season and would love to talk with you about singing with us next season! To receive information about joining SWOCT, please click on Join Us to complete a short request for info and one of our Membership Officers will get in touch with you! You may also contact Kay Coulter for membership information at bkcoulter@sbcglobal.net
Current Barna Polls and Research
Monthly meeting at the Grill in Bastrop. All welcome.
Come and be a part of this great ministry
With all the termoil in the Middle East, keep up with whats currently going on by visiting Baptist Press Headlines.
The Baptist General Convention of Texas encourages, facilitates and connects churches in their work to fulfill Godís mission of reconciling the world to himself.
Purpose Austin Baptist Association is an alliance of participating churches fulfilling the Great Commission. Vision Austin Baptist Association will be a catalyst alongside Great Commission churches to reach all people groups with the Gospel transforming our community and world through the power of God.
By FAR the best Bible Software program I've seen. MANY different versions of the Bible, in many different languages. Add to that the Concordances, Dictionaries, etc. Then add the Strong's Numbers and the Morphological Tags, and so much more..and it's all FREE!
One of the best "reference" sites I've seen. Has several different Bible versions, plus Concordances, Dictionaries, etc. - even Maps of the Bible times.
Pretty much anything you'd want, especially a lot of really good Commentaries by well known Christian teachers both modern (Ray Stedman, etc.) and historical (John Calvin, Martin Luther, etc.)